Wickedly Simple Software

SQL Specialist

  Windows    Free

Download: 3.2.1

SQLSpecialist is a database utility designed for developers. Its easy to use interface offers the following features:
1.SQL Syntax coloring.
2.Browse database objects.
3.Cross DB search..
4.Modify table data.
5.Text formatting tools.
6.Generate Insert, Update, Delete SQL from data.
7.Display connection block tree.
8.Display XML, Image, PDF, or text in configurable helper applications.
9.Display large row data without truncation.

Book Tracker

  macOS    9.99

Download: 1.7.1

BookTracker is an easy to use way of keeping track of books that you own, have read or have listened to. Because of BookTracker's flexibility, it is a great tool for both collectors who need to record lots of data and for the book enthusiast who just needs the basics.

Sim Mate

   macOS     Free

Download: 1.0.3

Sim Mate is built for iOS developers.  Running Sim Mate will add a menu to the right side of your Mac’s menu bar.  

The new menu will contain a list of all 3rd party applications running in the iOS simulator.  Selecting a running application from the menu will open the corresponding application’s data folder in the Finder.

Golf Mate

  iOS    ​0.99

Golf Mate is an easy to use application specifically designed for keeping score in miniature golf. The golf card format makes entering and keeping track of scores a breeze. The running tally always lets you know who's in the lead. After using Golf Mate once, you'll never go back to a paper card and stubby pencil again!

Score Mate

   iOS     ​0.99

Score Mate allows you to keep score for virtually any team sport, anytime, anywhere! Score Mate can be used to keep score for soccer, football, basketball, hockey, just to name a few.

Add notes and other details during the game. When the game is over, email the complete game log for a permanent record.

License Plate

 ​​   iOS     ​0.99

License Plate Tracker allows you to keep track of found plates while on a trip.

1) Supports US and Canadian plates.
2) Completed trips are saved for later reference.
3) Track multiple trips at the same time.
4) Shows when you’ve last seen a state's plate.
5) iCloud integration syncs trips between your devices.


   iOS     ​0.99

Hypatia is a game in which you score points by building mathematical equations.

Slide the tiles vertically and horizontally to build your equations. Once your equation is built, tap on the numbers and symbols to get points for your equation. White circles will appear on the tiles if your equation is correct. Transparent circles will appear on the tiles if your equation is not correct. Continue sliding the tiles to build additional equations without breaking your existing equations.


   iOS     ​0.99

LINKO is a game that allows you to earn points by linking tiles and matching the sum to other linked tiles.  Each level requires you to link an increasing number of tiles.

Loan Helper

   macOS     Free

Loan Helper is a loan calculator designed to help you determine the effect of changing your loan amount, interest rate, loan length, or payment amount.
Loan Helper can:

1.Calculate Loan Amount, Interest Rate, Loan Length, or Payment Amount.
2.Calculate future dates and date differences.
3.Generate Amortization Schedules.
4.Open as many calculators as needed.
5.Keep as many amortization schedules open as needed.

Port Reflector

   macOS     Free

PortReflector is designed to accept TCP connections on a configured port and reflect them to another host or port number.

UOM Converter

 macOS     Free

UOMConverter (Unit of Measure Converter) is a simple application that will convert values from one unit to another. The conversions are fully configurable allowing for both additions and modifications. Included are conversions for Area, Density, Energy, Force, Length, Magnetic Field, Magnetic Flux, Mass, Plane Angle, Power, Pressure, Solid Angle, Speed, Temperature, Time, and Volume.