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Golf Mate


iPhone / iPod Touch


$0.99 US


Golf Mate is an easy to use application specifically designed for keeping score in miniature golf. The golf card format makes entering and keeping track of scores a breeze. The running tally always lets you know who's in the lead. After using Golf Mate once, you'll never go back to a paper card and stubby pencil again!


  1. Enter up to 6 names.

  2. Designed for quick score entry.

  3. Running tally lets players know who is leading and by how many strokes.

  4. Golf cards can be emailed for a permanent record.

  5. Support for up to 36 holes.

  6. Easy to read screen shows 9 holes per page.

  7. Handles up to 12 strokes per hole.

  8. Golf course name can be entered.

  9. Par for each hole can be recorded.

  10. Save and load course information.

  11. Reorder, rename, and delete saved courses.

  12. Clear course and game information separately.

  13. Option to color-code scores based on over/under.

  14. Option to display over/under amounts.

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